So as to provide more personalized service to our clients we try to limit the group to no more than 24 persons.

Should we know the language of the country we will be visiting?

Most everyone you will encounter will speak at least some English. Learning a few greeting phrases of the local language will be a nice way to break a language barrier.

What kind of clothes should I take?

Your clothing will depend on the destination and the season of your tour. A La Carte Tours normally schedules tours between April and September. Our ground tours are basically informal while cruise tours will require more formal wear when dining aboard ship in the evening.

What about currency?

Most European countries now use the euro for their currency. A few like Switzerland retain their own (Swiss franc) for transactions. ATM’s are plentiful in all but the smallest villages. We suggest purchasing about $100 of the foreign currency through your bank or a local money exchange before leaving home. That will allow you to become familiar with the currency and take care of any purchases when first arriving. Travelers checks in the local currency are another option but may not be accepted in some smaller places. Major credit cards are accepted in most places. We have found that ATM’s are the best choice for getting money. Just be sure that you have a 4 digit pen number and that you have notified your credit card company that you will be making purchases overseas to prevent blocking.

What about my Medication?

If you are taking prescription medication take the medicine in the original container with the dosage and name on the label. Consider asking your doctor to write you another prescription in case what you take is lost. Pharmacies with English speaking pharmacists are available in most towns and villages.

What is the electricity voltage in Europe?

The electric current in hotels in Europe is 220V. If you take any type of electrical appliance (hair dryer) or equipment (camera battery recharger) you will need a voltage converter and adapter plug. Many stores in the US sell dual voltage items of this sort which automatically switch to the proper voltage. In this case you will only need a wall plug adaptor. Be aware that these may vary from country to country.