A La Carte Tours 2020 Tour Conditions Agreement

This document outlines what A La Carte Tours LLC agrees to provide when
you sign up for a tour, and what you agree to do in return. This is very
important information, so please read it carefully before you complete your
reservation request.  

Tour Price Guaranteed for 2020:

The moment you make your deposit on an A La Carte Tours,
your price is locked-in and guaranteed for that specific
2020 tours, land or cruise itinerary. Prices for specific tours are listed
throughout our web site and on our flyer’s. Prices include airfare, but
these may change due to increased taxes and/or fuel charges.

Included in the price of each tour: Sightseeing tours by an A La Carte
Tours employee, and local guides when appropriate, excluding admissions to
sights seen as a group; all breakfasts and some of your dinners;
accommodations each night, often in smaller, family-run hotels in the historic
heart of each city or town; all transportation required for group activities
from the first hotel to the last (where applicable) hotel of the tour.

Not Included: Transportation for optional group activities and independent
travel during the tour; all guide, local guide, driver, and hotel tips; any books
and maps applicable to your specific tour; and Trip Cancellation Insurance.

Tour payments: To reserve a space on an A La Carte Tours you must
agree to these Tour Conditions and provide us with a deposit per person
determined by the individual tour chosen. At the present time we accept
personal checks, money orders or cash only for deposits and single
supplements when available. Please note that your final tour balance
must be paid by personal check, money order or bank draft. Your final
tour payment will be due at least 60 days before departure. If you sign up
for a tour within 60 days of the tour departure, full payment will be required
before we can confirm you on the tour and the deposit portion will be
non-refundable. Please make a note on your calendar of your final
payment due date, as it is your responsibility to ensure that we
receive your final payment in a timely manner.

Single supplements: Optional, extra-cost single supplements (private
single rooms) are available on a limited, space-available basis, for certain
2020 tour itineraries. Single supplements cancelled less than 60 days prior to
the tour departure will be forfeited.

Tour Cancellations and refunds:

Deposits for all 2020 tours are 100% refundable if cancelled 90 days (or
more) prior to departure date.
Tour Cancellation: 61 to 89 days prior to departure will loose twenty-five
percent (25%) of their total payment;
30 to 60 days prior to departure will loose fifty percent (50%) of their total
15 to 29 days prior to departure will loose seventy-five percent (75%) of
their total payment.
Cancellation within 14 days or less forfeit all payments. All
cancellations must be sent to A La Carte Tours in writing or via e-mail to
alacartetours@sbcglobal.net , or via postal mail to A La Carte Tours 107
Oak Dr., Friendswood, TX 77546, and will be effective on the date received
by A La Carte Tours.A La Carte Tours includes Trip Cancellation Insurance

in the cost of the trip unless rejected by the client.

A La Carte Tours travel can be physically demanding:
To enjoy the experience, you should be in good physical shape. The most
active days may average 1-5 miles of walking (often over uneven paving
stones), lots of standing while listening to your guide during group
sightseeing. Whether you are 20 or 70 get in shape before you leave
home. Smokers may smoke only outdoors and downwind from the group
— never in hotel rooms or during group meals. Children under age 18
must room with and be accompanied on the tour by a parent or guardian.

Tour itineraries are subject to change: Tours are full of surprises and
we need to be flexible enough to take advantage of whatever comes
along so that we may provide you with the best possible tour.
Uncompleted portions of the tour itinerary are not cause for refund.

Participation: Although we want everyone to have a good time, it
sometimes happens that someone participating in a tour can misbehave
or do things that are incompatible with the safety, comfort or convenience
of other members of the tour. You agree that in those circumstances we
have the exclusive right and discretion, to expel someone, or even you,
from a tour at any time, without any claims or complaints by you against

Disabilities: Any pre-existing physical, mental, or emotional disability
that may require attention or treatment must be reported in writing prior
to the beginning of a tour. All tour members are required to complete,
sign and return, prior to their tour start date, a Medical Release and
Waiver Agreement. Failure to return a complete and accurate Medical
Release and Waiver Agreement invalidates the Trip
Cancellation/Interruption Coverage, and could result in expulsion
from a trip/tour at your own expense.

Tours cancelled by A La Carte Tours: Although unlikely, your tour
may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If A La Carte Tours
cancels a tour you have reserved, the entire amount you have paid to A
La Carte Tours for the applicable tour will be refunded to you after the
tours cancellation, as required under Texas State law. Once this occurs, A
La Carte Tours and its representatives have no other obligations to tour
members on cancelled trips including any additional costs or fees related
to the issuance and/or cancellation of airline tickets or other travel
reservations not made by us. A La Carte Tours LLC is registered with
the State of Texas as a provider of travel insurance (#1097039).